Matty golfing into the sunsetHello. My name is Matthew Koehler and I live in Missoula, Montana. The purpose of this GreenGolf blog is to explore ways to make the game of golf more sustainable. Comments and suggests are always welcome. Click here to send me an email.  For those that are interested, what follows is a little background information about myself.

I consider myself an environmentalist. I try not to consume too much useless stuff and eat as much locally grown food as possible. My freezer is full of elk and deer that I hike and bike out of the Wilderness.  For the past decade or so I’ve run a small and successful non-profit environmental group called the WildWest Institute.  We work mainly on forests, wildlife and wilderness issues here in the northern Rockies.

I also consider myself an avid golfer. I picked up the game of golf on my own at about the age of 13. My hometown of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin had a great family-owed course called Quit Qui Oc, which we would bike to with our clubs in the mornings and pretty much come home at sundown during the summer months. I also worked at the club’s proshop for about six years during high school and college.

I ended up getting decent enough at the game of golf to earn a golf scholarship to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, a Division II school outside Kenosha, Wisconsin.

After college I basically walked away from the game for nearly 15 years.  In 2008 I picked up the game again and am currently playing to a 5 handicap, without some of the pressures and frustrations I felt when I was competing in college. My goal is to use my passion for golf and the environment to help make the game of golf a more sustainable activity. Thank you.


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